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Discussing gays in K-pop.

G-Dragon first Korean idol to come out of the closet


It looks like Big Bang‘s leader G-Dragon will finally be opening up about his sexuality after rumors circulated on the internet.

Last year at Big Bang’s Big Show 2011 concert, G-Dragon performed opposite bandmate T.O.P in a parody of the popular drama Secret Garden.

If you recall, the two shared a rather steamy kissing scene, that garnered huge reactions from netizens around the world. It seems that the kiss, that netizens thought looked “very romantic”, sparked rumors about the nature of the two member’s relationship. In K-pop, fan pairings are very common, but idols are adamant about denying the validity of these pairings, and maintaining their heterosexuality. 

On the heels of Big Bang’s recent appearance on the YG Family Special episode of Strong Heart, where it was reported that G-Dragon saw T.O.P’s naked body and called it “erotic”, news has emerged that G-Dragon plans to reveal his relationship with his band member in an upcoming issue of High Cut.

In the beginning, things went very slow, and we were very careful, but at this point in our relationship, we don’t want to hide anymore,” G-Dragon was quoted as saying. ”Even though we are both men, we are lovers, and we don’t see anything wrong with that. I love him, and he loves me. T.O.P hyung and I know that our VIPs love us and only want us to be happy, which is why we knew that we could be honest with them.”

A representative from YG revealed that the company is supportive of the couple, and has been very aware of their relationship. ”We feel that, at this point in their career, Big Bang has surpassed the need to hide their true selves from the world. Their music speaks for itself, and they have survived the worst. Big Bang are free to express themselves in whatever ways they want, including in their love lives.”

Looks like things are heating up for Korea’s most prominent talent. G-Dragon definitely is causing a stir, and as usual, he is breaking new ground for idols, but will his new revelation help or hurt Big Bang’s career?

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