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Discussing gays in K-pop.

Gay? So what?

Dear Kpop fans. I’m a 62 year old, straight woman who’s just seen SHInee on Australian television for the first time. Cute! Fun! Gay? Maybe. So what? Enjoy the music, enjoy your lives and stop worrying about other people’s sexual preferences. They don’t affect you.

-Ma’am… I’m a young gay man. I’m sorry, but your opinion as an older straight woman does not have weight over mine. I’ve explained time and again that this blog is in support of LGBT fans who just want to see representation in the genre they love. And GAY IS NOT AN INSULT, so please, take your grown ass away from my blog “defending” a group that you ADMITTEDLY know fuck-all about from being called “gay” as if that’s the most horrible affliction known to mankind. NO ONE IS HERE on THIS BLOG vilifying people for being gay. That is NOT WHAT THIS BLOG IS ABOUT. You’re NOT EVEN A K-POP FAN, so I know you’ve never seen this blog before. We have rules, too. WE DON’T OUT ANYONE. We only discuss what we think we see. EVEN IF WE HAD HARDCORE EVIDENCE THAT SOMEONE WAS IN FACT GAY, we would not share it because THAT IS OUTING and THAT IS WRONG. Please, ma’am, keep your 62-year-old straight Australian opinion to YOURSELF. 

Name a member of SHINee before you share an opinion on their sexual orientations, or our (THEIR ACTUAL FANS) right to discuss them. Bye. 

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140814 G-Dragon Instagram Update

140814 G-Dragon Instagram Update


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The first image is the message posted on the university board.

The second image is Jonghyun’s private messages on twitter to the author of the note.

Please read below.

Hyunstar about Jonghyun’s new profile picture content: “Jonghyun’s new profile picture is a message stuck on the notice board of a certain university’s sociology department. The title of the essay is: “Not welcomed no matter what we are called”. The essence of the content is to encourage people to stop discriminating against LGTBs. Bby is always promoting and spreading positive messages. Jjangjjang man ㅎㅅㅎb

via: @bling_saur
Chi source: hyunstar
Trans: Yeowoo

Translation of the picture of the open letter on Jonghyun’s Twitter profile

< No matter what name you call us, we are not ‘Annyeong’ (well) >

Last April, the third attempt to enact anti-discrimination legislation was turned down because of those who loathe equality. In September, Kim Jo-kwang-soo and Kim Seung-hwan publically held a same sex wedding for the first time in Korea. There were disturbances such as human excrements being thrown onto the stage, but Kim Jo-kwang-soo and Kim Seung-hwan marched down the aisle with pride as to prove that “love is stronger than hate.” But a few days ago, their marriage registration was denied. Also, some people voiced ridiculous claims that textbooks should discuss the issue of the humans rights of sexual minorities as a topic you agree or disagree with.

Many of you who read this will think like this: how on earth does this concern me or the state of current affairs? But because I know him [Kim Jo-kwang-su], I can tell you this. Whether you are pleased with this or not, this is the story of the world that sexual minorities, including myself, live through, who dine, take classes, study, and have debates with with all of you. This is another side of the current affairs of the society we live in.

Yes, I am a sexual minority. I am a male to female transgender person and I am bisexual. I am a woman. I am of the “880,000 Won” generation. I am a college student. I am one of the inheritors of the working class. What more names can you call me by? There will be no end if you tried to enumerate them one by one. It’s not just me, but probably all of you are living in the present, being called by numerous names.

But I am not okay, not at peace at any moment, whichever name I am being called. Today’s Korean society not only can’t enact an anti-discrimination law, but discriminates against sexual minorities on a daily basis, throws rampant unfair criticism and hatred towards females, exploits the young generation, forces college students to be absorbed with employment instead of academics. Which name should I be called in order to be at ease?

Someone asked us this. Are you guys Annyeong, whether we are doing well. That’s what I’m saying. Are we all well when we’re relieved that anothers’ pain is “not mine,” growing accustomed to closing our eyes and blocking our ears in order to protect our own lives? How well can we be in a cold-hearted world when it continuously presses us to give up empathy?

I’m not saying that we all should pour out on the streets and start throwing stones. It’s just that, if this story of asking whether all of us living today are Annyeong (doing well) provides an opportunity to look into the face of the person next to you and call their name, I think this has been worthwhile. As the world becomes lonelier, I think, contrary to our belief, the way for us to become ‘well’ is nearby. Right now, please ask the person next to you, “Are you well?”

From snowy Sungkonghoe University,

Kim Eun-ha, Department of Social Sciences

T/N: Annyeong: the literal definition of the greeting is ‘a state of tranquility’
T/N: 880,000 Won Generation refers to the demographic of Korea in their 20’s that suffered employment instability around 2007. Multiplying the average paycheck of part time workers, 1,190,000 won (1130 USD), by the average salary rate for people in their 20s, 73%, results in 880,000 Won. This is the first amongst many generations in Korea to play the “Game of the Winner Takes All.” This term was first used in the book 880,000 Won Generation, published in August, 2007. The author, Woo Suk-hoon says “Only the top 5% of people in their 20s will have a stable job above middle management and the others will live on part time employment with an average wage of 880,000 Won.” [naver encyclopedia/ MK Business News, news.mk.co.kr ]

Translation credit @dustypixie718

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Alright, ASK is temporarily closed until I come on again to answer questions! I will open it then for follow-ups, but there’s a ton of questions, so I think I should address those before accepting too many new questions. :) Thanks guys! I’ll try to be on tomorrow night. 


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Anonymous asked: I saw an answer of you to someone that you think Onew is gay. I've seen a very few people thought that too but I myself can't find anything gay about him. Could you tell me why you think that he's gay?


I supposed “I just do” is kind of a bad answer? But I guess I should say with Onew, he’s a person that goes either way, for me. I tend to lean towards him probably being gay, but I don’t feel that 100% certainty that I feel with other idols and even his other members.

Sometimes there’s just “gaydar”. And, I think the bigger misconception about “gaydar” is that is’s visual observations based on stereotypes, but I don’t think that counts as gaydar, because even people with next to no gaydar can pick out very stereotypical gays. 

But rather… I think it’s more about a vibe. You can get a vibe from very straight-seeming people with very little or no stereotypical “gay behavior”.

To me, Onew isn’t the most straight-seeming guy in the world, anyway. But… mostly it’s just that I get a vibe from him. It’s certainly not a “he is definitely gay” vibe, but more of a “hmm… that guy might be gay” type of vibe.

But, I think Onew is one of those guys that has that gentle disposition that can sometimes read as gay, when it’s not. He and Big Bang’s Daesung share this quality, which is why it’s difficult for me to say whether or not I 100% believe either of them to be gay. They also have the shared quality of not being very open about their love and relationship interests, and being mysterious in that way.

So, there isn’t much to go on to flat out suggest that they’re gay or straight (or bisexual, or pansexual, or asexual, or what have you.) There is fanservice here and there, and there are girls that they may mention or flirt with… But neither category is on a level that makes you go “ah, yes, definitely!”

I do lean that Onew is gay, but I don’t think that for certain… IDK if A2 answered about Onew before, though, so maybe one of us did say that we think with certainty Onew is gay?

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Anonymous asked: Yay you're back! Who do you think would be the first few idols to come out? I think Heechul & Jokwon. I don't really follow JYJ but I know people speculate Jaejoong. Heechul has been posting on his IG of his (boy) friend; this morning he posted of them in bed. Jokwon has been giving hints from his tattoos to his twitter. I used to think Key would be one of the first, but i think hes insecure and wouldnt come out anytime soon. since they are idols, they would comeout when their group disbands.


I answered a similar question earlier, but yes, the idols you mentioned are definitely idols that seem like they would be among the most willing to come out first. 

Heechul doesn’t seem to give a fuck, in my opinion. In fact, I think he kinda likes the speculation. I think he’d have no problem coming out, if the time was right. 

Jo Kwon seems open enough about his sexuality, and it could be only a matter of time before he openly said that he’s gay. 

And Jaejoong seems confident and secure about who he is, and I think he would have no problem coming out, either, if the time was right.

I don’t so much think they’d have to wait until their group disbands (considering there’s not proof that they will ever disband. The groups could last for another 20 years for all we know)… but rather until the timing and conditions seemed right. Like, after military, and in a time in the social climate when people are starting to become less bigoted about queer issues.

It would still take a lot of decision-making, because any celebrity who announces that they are gay in a public forum (especially anyone who is the “first” something) is going to have backlash, and could possibly even affect the careers of their bandmates… so I imagine it would be done with much planning, and discussion, and much deliberation beforehand. But it’s possible, considering Hong Suk Chun has managed to retain a successful career since coming out (though for him, he had to suffer first and build his career back up.) I imagine that since that was over 10 years ago, it wouldn’t be the same for any K-celeb who came out now. They may still get backlash, but many young Koreans are very open to LGBT people and issues, so I think the 20-something and even some teen Koreans would be okay with it.

I still doubt it will be soon… but if anyone does come out, these three seem like good candidates for the first. 

And I agree about Key. I used to think of him as someone who would be willing to come out, but he seems like he’d be too worried about the backlash and the negative effects to actually do it. 

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Anonymous asked: since you are back and Heechul is back...have you seen Heechul/Gunhee? your thoughts?


I’ve seen Heechul with Gunhee, and I do think that it’s possible that this is his boyfriend. Of course, they could be just friends… but considering that the general consensus is that Heechul is at least queer in some way, and the type of relationship he appears to have with Gunhee, it does seem likely that this is Heechul’s boyfriend. ^^

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Starting from the questions about songs…

A lot of people speculated before, with GD’s One Of A Kind album, that “That XX” might have been about Top. Before, I considered that concept, but was hesitant to agree 100% that it’s about Top.

After all, I always thought of GD as bisexual, and even now, I do. I thought that it was entirely possible that he was talking about an ex-girlfriend (perhaps Kiko?), and even though I believe that the GTOP pairing is/has been real, I didn’t want to assume that GD had never had another love interest than Top. That, I think, is unrealistic, because of how love, life, and relationships work in reality. 

Having said that, however, the lyrics of “Crooked” seem to fit GTOP’s situation perfectly, and his other ships, including Jiko, not so much. 

I think Crooked is about Top. He talks about someone who has changed, and who he was very close to, who he loved and made promises with, but that person changed, left him, doesn’t have those feelings anymore. You’ll also notice that there are no pronouns in this song, no “she” no “girl” no “her.” He also asks to be “friends again.”  

I actually think a lot of his newer songs seem to be more about Top than anything. For instance, the song “Who You?”, though it does end up using a female pronoun once (he says gigibe), it is the same theme as That XX. The love interest left him for another man… except in this one, he’s more lamenting the loss of the love, and asking for the person to come back. He’s also talks about not knowing if he loves or hates this person.

Now, the reason that I feel these songs are about Top rather than Kiko, who most people seem to believe he’s dating (I will get into that), is that Top’s is the only narrative that reads like that. It’s the only pairing with those themes of someone having left GD for another man, and leaving GD; someone that GD used to be very close to who now seems very distant from.

If Kiko is GD’s current girlfriend, he wouldn’t have any reason to be singing songs about lost love to her. Also, according to most sources, before the resurfacing of the Jiko ship in fall-winter of 2012/2013, Kiko was single. She did not have another boyfriend, and even made posts on her blog about being single and wanting a boyfriend. 

Do I think GD and Kiko could be together, currently? Yes.

Do I think GD is as into it as he would like for people to believe? No.

And yes, I understand that that answer sounds really harsh and presumptuous, but I have really considered these things for a while, and this is the conclusion I keep returning to. 

For one thing, I think GD panicked when that GTOP thing came on MNET last year, and I really feel that ever since then, he’s tried to assert his heterosexuality a lot more. I feel like that is where Kiko comes in. I feel that he likes her, thinks she’s fabulous and beautiful and likes being around her and being with her and being associated with her. As I said before, I believe he’s bisexual, and I do believe that he is legitimately attracted to this girl. 

But I think part of it is trying to assert his heterosexuality. 

Part of me gets the impression that this may be a huge part of the GTOP rift. If you’d notice: In the past, when Jiko rumors first came out (the old ones from like 2010), Top told everyone that they were both friends with Kiko and he was closer to her than Ji was. 

Fast forwarding back to 2012, after that MNET thing came out, Jiko mysteriously reappeared around the fall of 2012. (Really around the time GD created his instagram.) Oddly enough, this is also around the time that GTOP seemed to go from super close to almost non-existent. Something in me believes that perhaps Jiyong thought getting involved with Kiko again would kill the gay rumors, and that he and Top could continue as normal, but easier because everyone would be under the impression that “GD has a girlfriend” and people would stop suspecting he’s gay. But this time, instead of being a participant in it, Top was not okay with it at all.

GD’s sad love songs all seem to point to a relationship that he misses, that he messed up somehow, and that is the only thing he really wants. There isn’t really a point in the timeline where that fits Jiko, and considering that Jiko has been going on since fall of 2012, and Ji has been writing Coup D’etat throughout 2013, how could these sad “you left me, I’m sorry I messed up, I miss you, and I want you back” themed songs be about her? 

I am under the impression that GD pursued Kiko since around fall of 2012, and she clearly seemed open to it, because she appeared at many Big Bang concerts, and went places with him, and started mixing friend circles with him again after that. Another reason the songs don’t seem to be about her. And I’ve said it before, but Jiyong really seemed to push the idea that he liked Kiko. He really seemed to be trying to make it obvious, especially at first. Otherwise, wouldn’t he have tried to keep it more of a secret, whoever he was dating? It isn’t like the members of Big Bang haven’t dated, as evidenced by Seungri’s songs (who he said he wrote about girlfriends). But we have no idea who those girls are… not even an idea of which girls the other members are close with. 

The John Lee question is still a bit confusing, for me. If we’re going with the belief that certain songs of GD’s, like That XX, Who You?, Crooked, are indeed about Top, that seems to suggest that, yes, they are dating.

It is certainly very interesting that Top seems to go everywhere with this man, now. It’s clear that John Lee is someone very special to Top, whether or not he’s a lover, but if he was just a friend and mentor, it seems a bit odd that this man, someone who is much older than Top, would literally go with Top to almost everything. The two even attended a wedding together, which is a very couple-like thing to do. 

Even at GD’s final concert in Seoul, John Lee seemed to tag along… and interestingly enough, he did not have a picture with the man of the hour (GD), but did have a picture with TaeYang. Top also was said to have left the concert directly after the show ended, and didn’t stay to celebrate with Jiyong.

I get the impression that Top isn’t very happy right now, for whatever reason… he’s distant, not only from Jiyong but from Big Bang in general, and only seems to get out if it’s with John, lately. He could very simply be depressed, and maybe John is helping him cope in some way.

And of course, there’s the very suspicious or interesting activity that is GTOP/Tohn related, such as Jiyong liking GTOP pictures on instagram and then quickly following and unfollowing John Lee (as if he was checking up on the Top/John situation.) He did the same thing on twitter. Also, most of Jiyong’s angsty relationship instagram posts and likes happened sandwiched in between GTOP likes, and DURING his perceived relationship with Kiko (around this time, she was spotted sitting near his parents at one of his concerts, so in theory, Jiko should’ve been fine. GTOP, however, hasn’t been fine for a long time.)

One of the questions suggests they are scared or it’s too complicated for them to be together, and I would agree. I think things got too complicated too fast, and as I said, I think Jiyong panicked, and I think Top was hurt and distanced himself. In GD’s song “Black”, at the end, he goes “baby I just want you back, I want you back, I want you back. Baby I know it’s too late, it just too late, it just too late”, which suggests he feels that whatever situation he’s talking about, he feels is hopeless. 

I think Jiyong is a volatile person, a bit too emotional, and too spontaneous and unpredictable. One question said they think he would be hard to be in a relationship with. I agree, and I imagine Top felt that, as well. Top seems more straight-forward, and reserved… he seems like someone who wants something calm and steady, but that’s not possible with an emotional fireball like Jiyong. Who admits that he does stupid things and sabotages his own relationships. 

As for whether they could ever be together again? That’s something that’s difficult to say. Top seems very fed-up… I think GD is sort of his tie to music, and it seems that ever since he and GD have had their rift, he’s not even interested in Big Bang anymore. (God forbid.) Likewise, Top … is beginning to seem like someone who aligns himself to fit the person he’s with. He seems similar to John Lee, now, in his style of dress, his attitude, and his career goals which have seemed to become more about film than music. Before, he and GD had similar styles, and competed for the craziest hair colors, and came up with great music together. 

I should say… I think Top would like to be done, but I don’t think he is. In his face, he looks sad, and when he’s around Ji, he looks uncomfortable, as if he’s happy and still likes Ji, but also sad and trying not to like him or want to be around him. And Ji, on the other hand, needs affection, so he almost hangs off of all the other members, which seems to leave Top as a lone 1 apart from the other 4. 

I also think GTOP still talk and hang out sometimes, but it’s definitely not as often. I think GD would like to have GTOP back, and Top is definitely the one trying to stay away. 

I really wish them peace in the future. I don’t so much care if they’re a couple… I just wish them peace. The two of them seem very not okay, lately, and it’s just frankly heartbreaking. Seungri seems like the glue of the group right now; he’s always pushing OT5, and talking about staying together until they’re old, and promising to drag Top to GD’s concert kicking and screaming… so, hopefully Seungri’s efforts are enough to help mend the rift somewhat. Not for GTOP’s happily ever after, but just so that they can heal and have some peace.

I think that they love each other deeply. The deepest loves always hurt the most. So I think that they could maybe be together one day…. but right now, they seem very broken. 

This is definitely a speculation, and I apologize for how long it seems… but these are all my opinions based on what is happening currently, and what it seems like, to me. GTOP is a ship I’ve given a lot of thought into… and I truly, truly believe that something beyond friendship has happened between the two of them, and I truly believe that this is why Top has been so MIA lately. Unfortunately, they seem to have experienced the very reason that dating co-workers and close friends is frowned upon… 

As with previous GTOP answers, I’m still not sure if they were every “boyfriends”, as in, with a label, but I do believe they were lovers and that it got very complicated… 

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usswillton asked: I came across you in the Heechul tag and I just wanted to say that I appreciate how level-headed you are and the fact that you seem to be knowledgeable about human sexuality. It's quite refreshing.


Thank you for the compliment! There are two of us here, and we try our best to answer without being disrespectful and offensive. And aside from being gay myself, I’m very interested in human sexuality, so I read and study about it a lot, which also allows me to answer questions here much better. =)

Thanks for dropping by!

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Anonymous asked: Do you think Jaejoong was in love with Yunho and vice versa? :)


I lean towards “yes”. They’re one of the main pairings that I believe was very real… and I do believe they loved each other. Maybe even that they still love each other. 

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